Don’t POOP Your Pants; Don’t SUFFER Itchy Rectum; Don’t GLOW in The Dark

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Roger Snow from Rocky Mountain Grain Products invented Hemp Hearts (thirty percent protein, but fifty percent fat) and taught hundreds of thousands of individuals how to use them for tissue health...... even for weight loss. The problem with Hemp Hearts is that people must change their diets totally in order to use them in sufficient quantity for the protein that is always necessary to experience health benefits. A typical 55g daily serving of Hemp Hearts is only the protein equivalent of one liter (us quart) of milk, but to use even that limited amount successfully individuals must replace the starches and processed foods in their diets with long fiber foods, especially raw vegetables--or they may poop their pants in their cars.

Don't POOP Your Pants

I have now removed most of the oil from Hemp Hearts to make two delightful, pure hemp products--- Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Flakes and Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder. They are each over fifty percent protein, but they each only contain about one quarter the fat of Hemp Hearts. They are much lower in calories, much less lubricating of the digestive system and therefore much easier to use with any other foods for the protein that is by far our most important nutrient----essential for all real health benefits. It is now easily convenient to use my Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder and Flakes to obtain the protein equivalent of more than four liters (one US gallon) of milk per day.

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To control or lose weight, people can eat Hemp Hearts(REDUCED FAT) Flakes for breakfast with yogurt or fruit or chili or cereal---any small meal---and then again later, experiencing no hunger each day at all, but consuming so few calories that weight control or loss is inevitable ...all while utilizing the amazing protein for improved tissue health. Hemp Hearts(REDUCED FAT) Powder is great with smoothies or soups or even as a tea---with milk and honey and spice.

Don’t SUFFER Itchy Rectum

Our Hemp Hearts(REDUCED FAT) Powder is the Only hemp protein powder that is not sandy and bitter with ground shell particles.

In fact, we make 30 premium products from Hemp Hearts---but nothing at all that includes bitter, sandy, ground shell material.

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All 30 Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts products are better than organic because they come from a climate where the growing season is so short that there are no insects until the crop is well-developed and easily able to compete with insects.

All 30 Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts products are better than organic because they come from a climate where other plants die in Winter and do not compete with hemp that is planted on freshly cultivated fields in early Spring. As soon as the hemp has a good start, weed plants can not compete well with tall hemp plants--because the weed plants do not get enough sunlight.

All 30 Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts products are better than organic because they were not fertilized with animal wastes like most organic crops. Animal waste always leaves e-coli and other fecal microorganisms in the water. The water then always takes these fecal microorganisms to the to the internal parts of plants. Composting only kills some of the microorganisms in the center of the compost pile---not the microorganisms at the edge of the pile. We do not want Hemp Hearts to contain e-coli, listeria, salmonella, campylobacter and the other microorganisms that live in animal waste fertilizer. Our crops receive nitrogen that has been extracted from the air using natural gas for heat---using science not junk science for plant nutrition..

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All 30 Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts products are better than organic because in my industry many organic farmers sell mouldy-tasting, bitter-tasting, mixtures of grains and weeds---relying on the name “organic” to make the sale. My competitors commonly blend tiny amounts of this refuse with relatively immense amounts of conventional grain. The only thing “organic” about their product is their label. We invented Hemp Hearts and developed them into the only perfect shelled hemp seeds. Our “organic” competitors are now trying to steal our name Hemp Hearts because our products have been consistently better than theirs.

Don’t Glow In The Dark

In the Hemp Food Industry, Organic claims are nonsense: Everyone who has ever washed a white car and then experienced a rain shower on it notices that air pollution falls with the rain drops onto the surface of their car. Properly calculated, the pollution that falls on plants and seeds from the air is immense---as is the pollution that enters plants from water. In fact, every plant gets over 95 percent of its nutrients from air and water---not soil—but no organic association is concerned with these relatively immense pollution inputs.

The flowers on the male hemp plants produce immense volumes of low THC pollens. These pollens fall and travel with breezes everywhere in the hemp fields. Low THC bearing pollens stick to the surfaces of all seeds and all other plant material. My competitors make their oil and their hemp protein powder from whole seeds which include air pollution on contaminated shell surfaces.. When I test their products for THC, I commonly find 4 ppm THC. I make my products from the heart of the seed after the seed has been scoured and the shells removed. When I test my products--I find zero THC---- with an accuracy of decimal 2 ppm. My competitors’ products therefore have at least 2000 percent more air pollution on their products than I do on mine.

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All of our “organic” competitors use the pollution covered shells of whole seeds in their products. All of our products are made from the “hearts” of the seeds--without pollution covered shells—hence our names Hemp Hearts, Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Flakes, Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder, Hemp Hearts Dip-Dressing-Sauce, Hemp Hearts More Than a Square Meals, Hemp Hearts Green Oil, Hemp Hearts Sparkling Clear Oil, etc. etc.

If you take the above into consideration---especially the facts:

  1. that our products are all made from Hemp Hearts — after all pollution covered shell material has been removed... and
  2. that our products are are normally grown in the Alberta Rocky Mountain foothills, an empty part of the World where water and air are still very pure

the use of the word “organic” on competitors’ products is as misleading as it is to say that if you use their “organic” products you will “Glow In The Dark”.

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Read a report to a convention of doctors about a scientific study which proved that the dissolved "heart" of the hemp seed can be used as the most significant part of a diet that will reverse disease: Much Better Than Organic - It's Embryonic.

By word of mouth, shelled hemp seeds have been introduced to hundreds of thousands of individuals. In thousands of conversations, our customers have provided us with the information that resulted in an amazing diet, described as: The Thirty Greatest Hemp Foods And How To Get Maximum Benefit From Them.

Their personal experiences with Hemp Hearts are described in their own handwriting in: History Of Hemp Hearts In Promoting Health.

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